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Debbie G., PA

As a dedicated respiratory therapist for 28 years, I have experienced firsthand the disastrous impact poor air quality has had on ordinary, everyday people. Patients come in each day, fighting for air, suffering from what nurses call, “air hunger.” Gasping for air makes them genuinely frightened. The more anxious our patients become, the harder it gets for them to breathe. It is challenging for even the most experienced staff to see these people suffer.

We know that the air quality strictly determines our patients' quality of life. Anyone suffering from lung-related complications is susceptible to even the smallest amount of air pollution. I'm proud to support the American Lung Association and its efforts to fight lung disease and to ensure healthy air for all Pennsylvanians.

Please join the fight against weakening air pollution regulations. Please contact your elected officials and let them know that we expect them to fight for clean air and stand up to the companies that want to put profits before people. Healthy air means healthy lungs, and I know hundreds of people who would give just about anything to have healthy lungs again.

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