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Debbie F., CA

My grandsons live in Santa Barbara on a two-lane street where the traffic flies by much faster than the posted speed limit. Not all the cars are new enough to have the latest smog control options.

My oldest grandson is two and a half years old and his younger brother is now seven months. They both have asthma ALREADY! No, they don't play in the front yard much. No, they aren't in the backyard either. They have good, concerned parents. When the boys are sick, they go to the pediatrician.

I left California to find clean air in Montana for my son. Few parents can choose to do what my family did. Too bad.

As a mom, grandma, and a person of deep compassion, my heart aches for children and their parents who do not have the choice to go find clean air for their children to breathe, run and play with total abandon. Clean air should be a given in this wonderful, rich and blessed state. Breathing with asthma is a struggle, and it's not fair.

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