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Cyndi A., VA

Lydia, my heart aches and soars for two entirely different reasons. Knowing your story already, I shouldn't be affected as much. However, Mike and I just read the story, and I am sitting here crying all over again just reliving your tragedy and all you and your family have been through.

We are so proud of you for so many reasons. What you are doing and have done is a miracle in itself-most notably being able to rise above the pain and move forward while taking care of Isabella and making her life to be full and happy. We know that so many parents are immobilized with grief after they lose their children. Isabella is a beautiful, smart and happy child. Dan graduated and is a well-rounded young man who loves his little sister and is a superb example of what a big brother is supposed to be.

You have saved my life by helping me get inhalers for my asthma, and I can never thank you enough. Although we are 3000 miles apart, I breathe easier knowing you are fighting to save lives.

Finally, you have constantly put yourself out there to help change the laws and policies to bring asthma awareness to the forefront. I could NEVER walk 60+ flights of stairs to raise money for the cause as you have done.

You will do awesome tomorrow at the EPA hearing. I know God will lift your voice and all the right words will be said so that everyone in earshot will be affected enough to do something to help our children breathe better. A breath for Steph is just the beginning. I love you Sister. Go get 'em!!!!

First Published: July 18, 2012

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