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Christopher F., TX

I am 36-years-old and I was born with lung agenesis, I live in Southeast Texas where the humidity is very high and it's surrounded by refineries polluting the air. My asthma had gotten worse over the years and is very complicated especially when I have been trying to get my disability benefits since 2016.

I have not received any kind of help from the county, state or from the government. The social security administration said that my condition is not as severe as I think it is but you can qualify for benefits for a lung transplant for three years but if you are born with only one and the world is going through a serious pandemic that attacks your lungs or in my case my lung then you will not be helped.

Recently, a refinery in my are was fined for the amount of pollution released in the air. Everything affects how I breathe especially the air quality, with the climate change and the extreme humidity and the pandemic, it's hard for me to even go outside anymore 

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