Brandi C

Brandi C., MI

My name is Brandi Crawford-Johnson and I have severe asthma. I am on several medications but the asthma and burning eyes keep getting worse. I have been advocating for our community because we have a company in our neighborhood that releases toxic chemicals and gases. The emissions are being blown right at us. The smell is so terrible that we can’t enjoy our homes. We must get the polluters to use carbon capture to stop this pollution and putting all of our health at risk. We should be able to breathe clean air. I have contacted every agency and environmental resource I can. The ALA survey shows a predominance of lung disease in our area. Pollution is linked to severe cases of COVID. Our EJSCREEN shows our neighborhood in the 90th percentile for being at risk for getting a lung disease or cancer. This is unacceptable. We must get our regulators to enforce the regulations on these polluters and force them to prevent pollution. Our lives and our health depends on it! 

Freedom From Smoking Clinic
, | Oct 25, 2021
Lung Mind Alliance Convening
, | Dec 08, 2021