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Barbara J., CA

Thank you for being available and transparent, and honest. Our air quality is experiencing something unusual. 

The quality of the air is making many young and older Americans very sick regarding the heaviness of our air quality. 

Many healthy energetic, outgoing, individuals are now complaining about the difficulty breathing, in many areas, within the Los Angeles areas.

Difficulty walking, walking upstairs,  moving around when outside, some only exiting to handle  business affairs,  or work.

Are there any other things going on in the air  that is effecting the air quality.

I pray that new equipment will be issued to the fire fighter of this county for the safety of them being  able to breathe during the fight of a fire.

Daily  it effects me because it's something new, and if the brain does  not recieve  the amount of air oxygen it needs, by medical evidence what happens.
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