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Anna B., VA

I had seven COPD attacks last year as a result of the leaf and trash burning allowed within town limits of Victoria, VA. The smoke is so thick on some days that it gets into my home, and I breathe it all night. I have missed days from work; spent money on endless medications to clear up my exacerbations; and attended town meetings to try to get them to ban leaf burning. They say it is "too expensive" to dispose of the leaves with all the problems they have at the landfill.

I wrote a letter after the council decided to continue to allow leaf burning asking them to consider the value of the lives impacted by their decision, but they did not respond.

I own my home and live on a very fixed income, so picking up and moving is not an option for me. Meanwhile, burning is not controlled, and it pretty much goes on all year round. I am so upset. The stress of this plus the exacerbations to my lungs is causing a great hardship to me.

First Published: June 25, 2012

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