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Andria M., MD

My family lived in a multi-housing apartment complex for almost four years, and the quality of living drastically declined during those years. The neighbors constantly smoked cigarettes and weed. We had to buy air purifiers for all the rooms to manage to breathe and continuously open windows for relief. It was the same thing if we went into the elevators/hallways. We had to hold our breath. We stayed there because we could not afford to go anywhere else.

We constantly complained my son had exercise-induced asthma growing up, and it was not good air for anyone to breathe. Not to mention the unsanitary conditions in the building, such as mold, gasoline fumes in the stairway, and pests like roaches and mice. It was the worst experience I ever had to go through. We called the Department of Code Enforcement, but they told us if it wasn't happening in our unit, there was nothing they could do about it. We never had anyone fight for us when we had to live in that situation, so I advocate for the Healthy Air Campaign!

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