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Alan P., PA

I'm a retired physician having cared for hundreds of patients with COPD, asthma, lung cancer and other lung diseases over more than 40 years of medical practice. There is overwhelming evidence based science that proves that the air we breathe is key to our health and survival. The dirtier it is, depending on whether it is full of particulates, ozone or other environmental risk factors, the greater the risk to our lungs, heart, brain, and lives. A great deal of lung disease is PREVENTABLE. Once damage is done, frequently the disease is difficult to control and may be incurable, along with very costly. Let's pay attention to the warnings from scientists and physicians before it causes more serious problems in many more children and adults than it already has.

Asthma Basics Workshop - National
, | May 07, 2024
Asthma Basics Workshop - National
, | May 15, 2024