American Lung Association Calls on Federal Government to Deliver a Clear Message: Don't Vape or Use E-Cigarettes

Statement of American Lung Association President and CEO Harold Wimmer in response to Health Alert Network (HAN) Health Advisory from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a joint statement from CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on vaping-related illnesses:

“The American Lung Association renews our call for the Department of Health and Human Services, including CDC and FDA, to clearly and unambiguously state that e-cigarettes are not safe and deliver a strong warning through all communication channels for the public to stop vaping in order to help prevent additional harm from the use of these products.

“The American Lung Association appreciates the additional guidance from the CDC and FDA for the public about the ongoing investigation into the 215 possible cases of vaping-related illnesses and one vaping-related death across 25 states, however, the advisory fails to clearly warn the public about the risks of using these products.

“It is vitally important that CDC and state departments of health proceed with their investigation. We urge the federal government to send a clear message to the public that e-cigarettes are not safe and contain harmful chemicals that can cause severe and irreversible lung damage and disease.

“We were pleased to see that the advisory urges any adult smokers who are attempting to quit to use evidence-based treatments, including counseling and FDA-approved medications. The American Lung Association also stands ready to help smokers quit, and highlights resources and education about e-cigarettes at”

Learn more about e-cigarettes and lung health at For media interested in speaking with an expert about e-cigarettes, tobacco use and lung health, contact the American Lung Association at [email protected] or 312-801-7628.

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