Charleston Music Hall Director Takes the Stage to Raise Money for Lung Health, COVID-19 Relief

Charles Carmody lip syncs to raise money for the American Lung Association in South Carolina

He is used to being the man behind the scenes at Charleston Music Hall, but on March 11, Charles Carmody will take to the stage himself for the American Lung Association’s Lip Sync For Lungs event.

Carmody was born and raised in Charleston. He loves creating events and opportunities for people to gather and enjoy entertainment, so being the director of the Charleston Music Hall is his dream job. Three years ago, he was introduced to the unique Lip Sync For Lungs event when the Lung Association staff moved it to the Charleston Music Hall. 

“I got to see the event and how they ran it. It is one of the more fun fundraisers that I have ever seen. The way it engages the audience and brings in the performers is really cool,” he said. “I helped them run the event and secretly always wanted to be one of the performers.”

After the last event, he approached the team about being one of the celebrity performers. On March 11, he will compete against four other local celebrities in an epic showdown to win Lip Sync Battle Champion. He is already in dance rehearsals putting together an exciting performance. 

“It is going to be pretty hot. It is also going to be pretty silly,” he said. 

He is excited to take the stage, but more importantly to support the work of the Lung Association.

“Now more than ever during this pandemic, it is important to support the organization. It is an amazing cause, but it is the people behind it that make me more passionate about this. The team is really a champion for the American Lung Association,” he said.

The Lip Sync For Lungs Live Battle V will be held March 11 at The Bend, and the event offers a virtual viewing option as well. Learn more about the event, get tickets and help Charles Carmody meet his $10,000 fundraising goal by voting for him at

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