American Lung Association Launches ‘Buy 2, Give 2 Masks’ Campaign to Help Slow Spread of COVID-19

Lung Association to donate masks to underserved populations through COVID-19 Action Initiative

As COVID-19 cases continue to increase, states across the nation are issuing orders that require people to wear face masks in public to slow the spread. To help save lives and protect public health, the American Lung Association launched today the “Buy 2, Give 2 Masks” campaign to provide quality face coverings to the public. For every two masks purchased, the Lung Association will donate two masks to those in need. Each mask is made in the United States of 100% soft, breathable two-ply cotton, is reusable and washable. Funds raised through the “Buy 2, Give 2 Masks” campaign will support the COVID-19 Action Initiative.

COVID-19 is primarily transmitted via respiratory spray. While social distancing is the most effective method of decreasing transmission, there are some instances when social distancing is not possible. Many people who become infected can unknowingly spread the COVID-19 virus because they have few or no symptoms.
According to the available data, wearing a mask is a key measure to decreasing viral spread.

“Every mask donation will help support our efforts to stop COVID-19 in its tracks and take precautionary measures to protect public health from future respiratory virus pandemics,” said American Lung Association President and CEO Harold Wimmer.

The Lung Association will provide mask donations to communities of color due to the systemic inequities that cause COVID-19 to disproportionately affect racial and ethnic minorities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that some groups experience systemic health and social inequities that put them at increased risk of getting COVID-19 and experiencing severe illness. Data shows that the death rate for African Americans is more than double that of other racial groups. According to the United Nations (U.N.), multiple factors are responsible, including economic inequality, increased reliance on public transport, overcrowded housing, environmental risks and limited availability of healthcare.

The  “Buy 2, Give 2” mask campaign will raise funds for the COVID-19 Action Initiative, the Lung Association’s efforts to combat COVID-19 and defend against future respiratory viruses. The initiative will expand ongoing respiratory research program, enhance key public health measures through education and advocacy and establish an advanced network to stop future respiratory virus pandemics.

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