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Raymond M., NY

I am Raymond Metz. On October 14, 2022, I visited my pulmonologist for a sleep apnea consultation. Taking initiative and with a stroke of luck, I requested a chest X-ray when my healthcare provider mentioned the low-dose lung cancer screening test. Naturally, I consented. Just a week later, I received the most frightening and distressing news: a mass was discovered in my upper left lung. I proceeded with a biopsy, which confirmed the presence of Non-Small Cell carcinoma. Thankfully, it was identified as stage one, measuring 2.4 cm. Under the care of my skilled surgeon and his team, I underwent an upper left lung lobectomy on December 14, 2022. Today, I am cancer-free!

The importance of early detection for these types of cancers cannot be overstated. I am an advocate and wish to share my story with as many people as possible. I wholeheartedly consent to sharing my experience. My conviction about this matter is unwavering. My hope is that my story can make a positive impact on others and their loved ones, enabling them to lead long and healthy lives. This is a cause I am deeply passionate about.

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