Lung Cancer Success Stories

Together, we can help current and former smokers take action and start screening. We need your story about low-dose CT scanning and how early detection has saved your life.

Tell us about your experience with low-dose CT scanning and lung cancer

Your story will be published on our website and will help build a community, spread awareness, and provide hope to others.

quotation marks Eva Marie F.

Eva Marie F.

I smoked for over 15 years. I started when I was around 8 years old, but didn't seriously start smoking until I… READ MORE

quotation marks Frank F.

Frank F.

I made a promise with my daughter that if I quit smoking she would stop biting her nails. A few years later, I quit. I… READ MORE

quotation marks Pamela B.

Pamela B.

My name is Pamela. I'm a cancer survivor — three times. In 2013, I had breast cancer. They found it early enough, it was… READ MORE

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