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Nicholina C., NJ

I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in July, 2015 following a Cat Scan of the chest. A Bronchoscopy had been completed due to a chest x-ray which indicated a tumor, but was non-diagnostic. I then changed facilities, and was diagnosed in August, 2015 after a second bronchoscopy with Small Cell Lung Cancer. I am a 19-year breast cancer survivor and had previously received treatment at this same facility but this time it required a 180 mile round trip drive.

I initially had chemotherapy, and radiation. One year later I received was in need of more chemotherapy and radiation. Six months later I had another positive cat scan, and more chemotherapy. Four months later cancer returned and I had Immunotherapy. The immunotherapy caused me to be hospitalized, had me in need of assistance on a 24 hour basis for three weeks after hospital discharge. I ambulated with a walker, progressing to a cane and finally after six months I am able to ambulate independently. The immunotherapy also did not reduce my cancer. I was then placed on a different chemotherapy weekly which was not effective.

Currently I am back on my original chemotherapy and my Cat Scan showed great improvement. I personally am able to function at a much higher level, back to driving and enjoying lunches and dinners out with my friends. I cannot climb Mount Everest, but am happy with what I cannot do. Every day I count my blessings for what I have and pray to God to keep my family, friends, oncologist and the entire cancer team safe. I could not have done this journey alone.

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