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Nevin K.

My story is about my auntie. She is my grandfather's youngest sister. To my mother she was like her second mom. My parents are from southern state of Kerala in India. My auntie's name was Kunjumol, which means "Little sister". I called her "little auntie" only because she was the youngest of all my aunts and uncles.

Both my dad and mom have big extended families, but my little auntie has touched my heart like no one has. She had the sweetest smile. She was always gentle and made sure she connected with her family even though we visited her only once a year. She had three aquariums of various kinds and sizes of fish. My favorite memory of her was when she would catch a school of fish for me and my younger brother Joshua to take home. We would feed and care for the fish while we were at my grandparents' house.

Another memory of her that will stay with me is how much my mom loved this auntie. To her Kunjuaunty was her second mom. My mom left for boarding school at the age of 15 and was under this auntie's care for the next six years. Kunjuaunty held a special place in her heart, she was her family when she missed her own parents. She become her second mom.

Kunjaunty was diagnised with stage IV small cell carcinoma lung cancer after having a cough for about a month in March 2019. It was a shock to all of us. She was the sweetest youngest and the kindest in our family. She was a pillar of love to all of us. Kunjaunty endured a lot of pain and distress in the coming months due to Kemo and radiation. However, her smile stayed with her until the last minute. Kunjaunty left us on October 17th, 2019. Her life is the epitome of love, strength and sacrifice. Although her last days were filled with pain, her smile shined through all that. My family will dearly miss her. This is for you, auntie.

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