Natalie G

Natalie G., NV

On August 7, 2016 our lives came crashing down when the doctors found a mass in my mom's lungs.  We waited the longest week of our lives to receive the results that she had Stage 4 lung cancer.  Doctors gave her 6-12 months without treatment but she wanted to fight and she wanted to live.  That is what she did for the next five months - she fought.  After a two month stay in the hospital, she decided she wanted to go home knowing this was it.  I gave her that wish, and on January 2 at 3:30 p.m. she came home to see a house full of people that loved her so much - then at 4:09 p.m. she went peacefully.   I am SO very proud to be her daughter and to call Mary Kephart, my Mom and best friend.  Life without her isn't easy, but I promise to try and make an impact like she did.  So please, join me in honoring my Mom, Mary Kephart, and bring awareness to lung cancer.  

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