Kelsey A

Kelsey A., RI

In February 2018, I came home from work to find the TV off. That may seem insignificant, but in our house the TV is only off when there is bad news. That was the day we learned my mom, Martha, had Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer that metastasized to her spine.

There is no easy way to describe what it’s like to hear that your loved one has cancer. The only thing Martha needed to know was what she had to do to fight this. She has done chemo and radiation. The spots have gotten smaller, and she will continue to fight this battle. Mom continues to work every day, go for walks and spend time with family and friends every chance she gets. We are part of this organization in hopes to educate people, raise awareness and make a difference in hopes that some day, no one will have to endure this battle.

First Published: October 16, 2019

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