Donna D. B

Donna D. B., PA

I want to share my testimony to be an encourager to those who are walking with the news that they have lung cancer. The first words that need to come out of my mouth is: cancer is the small c, because Christ is the Big C.

It goes back to January, 2010 when I took a position of Prayer Coordinator in Pennsylvania. This is when it started. What I walked through will take too long to get to my story of my book which is: Through Storms Struggles and Fire. My testimony of how the Lord took me through losing the upper half of my right lung, with laughter in my heart. I'm sure this sounds a little crazy, but our God is with us and will take us through the fire.

I believe that lung cancer feels like the fire, because we are not sure if well be around on the other side. When I was told I needed to have a biopsy done, because they saw problems in my right lung, I just didn't want to hear that. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way! I didn't even want to call any of my prayer partners, because I didn't want to speak the little c word-cancer.

I had been praying at an area hospital with lung cancer patients with tubes in their nose and praying for the healing touch of Jesus and saying to them: that cancer is the small c, because CHRIST is the Big C.

It was two years later that I would walk through the little c. I had a prayer friend from Texas who prayed with me and told me go to Florida, Praise the Lord and enjoy your time away. I have two daughters that are nurses and a nurse practitioner granddaughter. When they heard I wanted to go to Florida, and not doing my test for three weeks, they weren't happy with me. I did just that and on the flight I sat next to a gentleman whose wife and daughter were in different seats. We were in the exit row and I was by the window and said to him, "I might need help opening the door if there was an emergency, but don't worry, I know Him who is in charge." He laughed with me. We had a fun conversation and then he said to me, "You have a long life, because the Lord has much for you to do." Then he continued and said to me, "You are His messenger." It blew me away, so I got up and went to go to the bathroom. I wanted to give praise to the Lord for sending a complete stranger who know nothing of what I'm going through? He gave me words that would change my thoughts of what was happening in my life.

It was my first week at the condo I had invited my friend, who lives in Florida to come and visit me. She was in one of the bedrooms and I had my own room. I woke up and looked at the clock it was 3:33 in the morning. I asked the Lord what you are saying to me in those numbers. I got up and went to the bathroom and then came back to bed. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I turned on the TV. There was this preacher woman from Jacksonville, Florida Saying, "Call to me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3 Lord, what would be a great and mighty thing that I can't even Imagine, but with you I can!

It was right from the beginning of walking through my cancer fire, that the Lord gave me so many wonderful words of encouragement. I know it was to my benefit that my lung cancer was found in the early stage, because I had complained of my left side pain. I had a car injury where I cracked my ribs. When they did the CT scan they saw the spot on my right lung. The sharing of my testimony is in my book: Through Storms Struggles and Fire to give encouragement and hope to those walking through the fire of lung cancer.

I also want you to know that it's been 7 years this March since I went thought my surgery. Today my right lung is as strong as my left lung. What an awesome Lord we serve. I'm excited to hear about the new screening that can catch Lung cancer early and could save lives.

If you would like to get together with me please call: Janise Bankard, Development Director at the Camp Hill office. Number # 717-971-1118. My book is for sale on Amazon or could be purchased from me. I’m praying that you will find the strength and peace that only comes from our Heavenly Father.

I would be honored to have the opportunity to pray with you. Forever be blessed by His great Love, Donna Beaver

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