Corporate Wellness

Create a safer and healthier workplace for all employees

Americans spend more than half of their time at work, and many are either at risk for or dealing with lung disease of some kind. Lung disease—which includes chronic conditions like asthma and COPD, and respiratory illnesses like the flu and pneumonia—is one of the most common and costly of all health problems. And tobacco use is the leading cause of lung cancer and other major health issues. By making small changes in your workplace environment and providing resources to employees to change behaviors and improve health, you can create a safer and healthier workplace for all employees and see a significant savings in healthcare related costs.

Small changes can include focusing on indoor air quality, providing quit tobacco use resources for employees, educating those living with a chronic lung disease and helping employees adopt healthier lifestyles.

The American Lung Association offers comprehensive support to help employers adopt and implement workplace policies and programs that support a healthy work environment while contributing to a healthier corporate bottom line.

Help Your Employees Stop Smoking

Employers can save nearly $6,000 per year for every employee who quits tobacco use. The American Lung Association has helped organizations build cessation programs that fit within federal requirements and are proven to help tobacco users quit for good.
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Improve Employee Fitness and Morale While Giving Back

Address the whole employee through stress reduction, nutrition and philanthropic programs. And through team-building activities and friendly competition – organizations can engage in philanthropic giving while supporting their employees’ wellness and comradery.
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Create an Asthma-Friendly Work Environment

Asthma affects over 24 million Americans, including over 6 million children, and missed work days and lost worker productivity due to asthma can be costly – for individuals with asthma or parents whose children have asthma. Learn strategies to help support all employees with this chronic lung disease.
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Provide Quality Supportive Healthcare Services for Employees

We believe that all Americans should have easy access to healthcare services, especially the millions of individuals affected by lung disease. Make sure to incorporate these services when outlining your healthcare benefits. Plus these will save your company money down the road.
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Build Your Employee Wellness Program

So you want to establish a healthier work environment for your employees, but where do you begin? Get started with this step-by-step guide.
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Improve Indoor Air Quality

Laws and policies exist to protect workers from unhealthy air in the workplace. See what steps to take to ensure a healthy air quality in your organization for all employees.
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Protect Lung Health for Firefighters

Respiratory diseases are a significant health issue for firefighters and emergency responders who face increased exposure to gases, chemicals and smoke.

Protect Lung Health for Military Veterans and Contractors

Lung health and preventing lung disease remain a significant concern for military veterans and contractors. Depending on your deployment location(s) and job-related functions in the military, you may be at risk of developing lung disease due to past exposure to tobacco use, workplace, and environmental exposures.
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Page last updated: June 7, 2024

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