Welcome to another induction session for the Super Stoppers Club. There’s only one path to membership. You must have stopped smoking cigarettes.

We happily publicize the names of quitters and their stories, for two reasons: One, so that they are inspired to stay on the straight and narrow, and two, so that they inspire others to quit.

First up in this batch of former smokers is Mark S., of Chicago. He quit smoking in a somewhat unlikely way--because of a pool party. “It was the first cool day of fall,” Mark recalls. The combination of the weather and his long-established smoking habit caused him to contract bronchitis.

“I said that was the last time I was ever going to get bronchitis,” Mark says. He contacted a quit-now hotline and got some nicotine patches. “It took me three tries but I have been tobacco-free ever since.” Sorry about the bronchitis, Mark, but very happy you’ve ditched the tobacco once and for all.

Deborah S., of Duluth, MN, proved one of the oldest truths about quitting: It’s a lot easier if you have support at home. In Deborah’s case, the support was her husband—like Deborah a long-term smoker.

“He came home from a medical appointment and told me he was quitting smoking,” Deborah says. She asked when he intended to quit. He replied that he just had. “You can keep smoking or you can quit with me,” her husband added.

Deborah had never seriously considered quitting and had never seriously tried. But she decided to give it a try. “Quitting cold turkey was the hardest thing I ever did, but it is so worth the health benefits,” Deborah says. Well done, lady!

Kathi R., of Clyde, TX, also found a path to cessation via a personal relationship.

She noticed that most of her family and colleagues had either never smoked or had given it up. That started the pressure.

Then Kathi began dating someone very important to her. “That gave me added incentive,” she said. Kathi has now been in the virtuous column for almost six months. Welcome to the Super Stoppers Club, Kathi. There’s always room for the likes of you.

Our final inductee is Sherry T., of Oklahoma City.

Like so many smokers, Sherry took up the habit when she was a teenager. Ten years later, “I was smoking about a pack a day and feeling so unhealthy. I decided it was time.”

Her friends supported her resolve, and she threw herself into working out, which helped. The longer she stayed away from cigarettes, the more her endurance grew. “I’m happy to say I’ve been smoke-free ever since.”

Happiness shared and saluted, Sherry. Here’s hoping that dozens of smokers read your story and walk down the same path.

Our next installation of Super Stoppers Club members will take place soon. Please be on the lookout for it, and please feel free to submit nominees. That might be you. It might be a friend or a family member. The SSC is open to anyone who has quit and who therefore deserves a public pat on the back. Please submit your story or your nomination on this page.

Thanks again and congratulations to all our stoppers. You have chosen the right course. May you inspire many others.

Need help quitting tobacco?

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