Timothy Williamson, M.A., MPH

Timothy Williamson, M.A., MPH

University of California

Helping Lung Cancer Patients Cope with Their Diagnosis and Treatment

People living with lung cancer often report perceived stigma and regret, as well as poor psychological and physical adjustment. We seek to predict better health and well-being over time among people living with lung cancer. During the 12-week study, we will use questionnaires and interviews to examine the impact of coping, social support, self-compassion, stigma, and regret on depression, physical symptoms, and sleep in lung cancer patients. Understanding predictors of psychological and physical health outcomes will help to develop supportive care outreach efforts geared toward improving quality of life in adults as they adjust to the diagnosis of and treatment for lung cancer over time.

Update: Thus far, 128 men and women receiving treatment for lung cancer have participated in this study, and preliminary results have been published in scientific journals and presented at scientific conferences. These findings suggest that feelings of self-blame, regret, and shame about one's lung cancer are associated with declines in emotional and physical well-being across time. Additionally, results indicate that having a sense of meaning and purpose in one's life is associated with improvements in self-reported mood and sleep quality over time. Findings from this study will support the development of supportive care programs that will improve health and well-being for people with lung cancer.

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