Avrum Spira, MD

Avrum Spira, MD

Boston University-Boston Medical Center

Research Project:
Lung Cancer Interception Dream Team: Intercept Lung Cancer Through Immune, Imaging, & Molecular Evaluation (InTIME)

Grant Awarded:

  • Accelerator Program

Research Topics:

  • basic biologic mechanisms
  • biomarkers
  • epidemiology
  • imaging radiology
  • pathology

Research Disease:

  • lung cancer

Funded by the American Lung Association Accelerator Program and LUNGevity Foundation

When lung cancer is diagnosed early, it is more likely to be cured. The multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Interception Dream Team will molecularly map pre-cancer of the lung and identify which pre-cancerous lung tissues require aggressive treatment and which treatments work to block the development of invasive cancer. The team will use state of the art technologies to create diagnostic tools, such as nasal swabs, blood tests, and radiological imaging, to confirm whether lung abnormalities found on chest imaging are benign lung disease or lung cancer, thus enabling treatment at the very earliest stages of cancer or recurrence. The implications of this research could be a game changer in how lung cancer is screened, diagnosed, treated, and most important, determining if it can be prevented.

Page last updated: October 17, 2023

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