Amanda Wilson, PhD

Amanda Wilson, PhD

Arizona Board of Regents, University of Arizona

Research Project:
Protecting Asthmatic Children’s Health by Reducing Respiratory Viral Infections in Schools: A Novel Risk Analysis Tool

Grant Awarded:

  • Catalyst Award

Research Topics:

  • public health
  • social behavioral research

Research Disease:

  • asthma

The burden of respiratory viral diseases (flu, RSV, COVID-19) is on the rise in the U.S., posing risks for children with asthma (affecting one out of 12). School health personnel are often the advocates for mitigating the spread of these diseases in classrooms. However, our preliminary data indicate they need more support in developing and interpreting guidance on mitigating transmission in classrooms. Our goal is to create a risk calculator tool for school health personnel to support real-time and inexpensive decision-making regarding interventions to reduce virus spread. We plan to test this tool, use real-world data to inform it, and prepare to conduct a larger future study to make these tools accessible and applicable to schools across the U.S.

Page last updated: October 3, 2023

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