Advancing Research 2023-2024

Highlighting our impact in lung disease research, including in-depth looks at our Awards & Grants recipients, Airways Clinical Research Centers Network projects and inspirational patient stories.

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Embracing Hope: Christy's Lung Cancer Journey

Christy F., a 17-year stage IV lung cancer survivor, is beating the odds. By sharing her experiences, she wants to encourage strength to others navigating a similar diagnosis.

Research News: Study Highlights Role of Immune Cells in Offering Protection from Fungal Infections

Jintao Xu, PhD (Lung Association's Catalyst Award) at the University of Michigan, published in the Journal of Fungi. The paper, titled "Dendritic Cells: Multifunctional Roles in Host Defenses to Cryptococcus Infections," summarizes how a type of immune cells called dendritic cells helps defend against serious fungal infections like Cryptococcus, especially in those who have weakened immune systems.

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Are You What You Eat?

Jing Gennie Wang, MD, at The Ohio State University, received Lung Association’s ACRC Early Career Investigator Award for her pioneering research project, "Determining Influence of Plant-Based Diet on Asthma and Response to Air Pollution.” According to Dr. Wang, “We need to figure out what kinds of plant-based diets may affect asthma and in which ways."

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