Local Celebrity Dynamic Duo Takes Center Stage at Lip Sync for Lungs Live Battle VII at Charleston Music Hall on February 16

Francesca DiSalvo-Follmer and Drew Pond lip sync to raise money for the American Lung Association in South Carolina
Francesca DiSalvo-Follmer with Pure Luxe Bride and Drew Pond with Dock House Digital, have signed on as celebrity performers in the 2023 Lip Sync For Lungs Live Battle VII, presented by Audi Charleston, to raise money for the American Lung Association in South Carolina. The wildly entertaining, live event helps fund local lung health programs, further lung disease research and advocacy efforts for clean air in South Carolina.

Growing up, Pond’s father suffered from severe asthma. “That made for day-to-day activities to be a constant roll of the dice,” shares Pond. “His attacks were always sporadic and seemed to occur at inopportune times, like during sporting events, family road trips, etc. We always needed to be prepared and on high alert in case of any flare ups. Despite those difficult memories, my dad’s advice continues to support me – Don’t rush your life away. Cherish the present and those around you.”

The American Lung Association’s mission is also close to DiSalvo-Follmer’s heart as her paternal grandfather passed away from pulmonary fibrosis and a grandfather figure on her mother’s side of the family passed away from lung cancer. “My drive to participate in Lip Sync for Lungs not only stems from my desire to honor my loved ones, but to raise general awareness for lung disease through a fun, interactive and entertaining event like the Lip Sync Battle,” shares DiSalvo-Follmer.

“Here in South Carolina, more than 693,000 are living with chronic lung disease,” said Margaret Ann Youngs, Development Director for the American Lung Association. “But with 90 cents of every dollar raised through events like this going directly to Lung Association programs and services, we are making huge strides in changing these statistics. There have been over 45 new lung cancer treatments developed since 2016, and we’ve seen a 33% increase in the lung cancer survival rate in the last 10 years. Together, we’re defending the rights of our community to breathe clean air and serving individuals with lung disease. Everyone deserves to breathe,” Youngs continued, “which is why we are so appreciative of Francesca and Drew’s participation, as well as our other 2023 Celebrity Performers, in this year’s Lip Sync for Lungs.”

“Coming from a family with a long line of educators, the educational support groups and online education that the American Lung Association provides our community is so crucial to both awareness and prevention,” shares Pond. “From my own experience, the Asthma Basics learning module and Better Breathers Club support group are two convenient and supportive resources made available by the Lung Association.”

When asked why people should buy tickets to the show and donate to support the cause, DiSalvo-Follmer and Pond said, “Let's face it; disease isn't pretty, and the conversations surrounding disease can be uncomfortable. Lip Sync for Lungs is a FUN and entertaining event that sheds light on an oftentimes not-so-fun, but important subject. Lip Sync for Lungs is an incredible way to potentially introduce individuals to the cause. The event can provide someone currently suffering with an evening of laughs, while also celebrating the efforts, both locally and globally, of so many hardworking individuals who work selflessly to conquer and raise awareness for this disease.”

DiSalvo-Follmer and Ponds radiate excitement as they prepare for their performance and remind each other of their complimentary passions, love, and respect for one another. “There is nothing we can't accomplish when we put our brains together. The limit does not exist,” shares Pond.

“We're hopeful that our efforts in fundraising will make a significant, local impact and the performances on event night will be a fun celebration of the process. We hope to shatter the reigning donations record!” shares DiSalvo-Follmer.

The American Lung Association’s Lip Sync For Lungs Live Battle VII, presented by Audi Charleston, will be held February 16 at the Charleston Music Hall. This year’s “We Be-Lung Together” themed event will help fund lung health programs, resources, advocacy efforts and innovative lung cancer research, giving hope to those impacted by the disease and saving more lives. To purchase tickets or donate to the event, visit LipSyncForLungs.org. For sponsorship opportunities, email [email protected].
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