Proposal to Cut Pollution that Blows Across State Lines Will Save Lives

In response to Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed Federal Implementation Plan to address interstate transport of air pollution for the 2015 ozone standards, Harold Wimmer, National President and CEO of the American Lung Association, issued the following statement:

“EPA’s proposal to curb emissions that contribute to unhealthy levels of ozone in downwind communities is an important step that, once final, will save lives and improve the air we breathe. 

“The wind blows air pollution across state lines. Too many communities breathe unhealthy air because of pollution from coal, oil, or natural gas-fired power plants that drifts in from out of state.

“The proposal will require these power plants and other large industrial sources to install effective pollution controls, or to run the controls they already have. Far too often, power plant operators have been legally allowed to turn off pollution controls that have already been installed. Frequently this occurs on the hottest, smoggiest days, meaning children, elderly, pregnant women and individuals with asthma, COPD and other chronic disease suffer from pollution that could have been prevented.

“Today’s proposal is a big opportunity to reduce pollution from some of the dirtiest sources and provide significant health benefits – not just for communities far downwind, but also for people living near the plants. The American Lung Association will carefully review the proposal through our health equity lens and will look to increase the pollution reduction requirements to ensure that the maximum emissions reductions are achieved and the communities currently experiencing the greatest burden of air pollution receive the most relief.”

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