County Seat Takes a Stand for Kentuckians' Health

Owensboro City Commission postpones smoke-free law amendment indefinitely
The Green River District Health Department, Kentucky Center for Smoke-free Policy, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, and Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights extend a heartfelt congratulations and “thank you” to the Owensboro City Commission for taking a stand for Kentuckians’ health.

This week members of the community – students, families, healthcare providers and community leaders – took the time to voice their concerns and the City Commission listened and responded by indefinitely postponing an amendment to the city’s smoke-free law that would have exempted the Ellis Entertainment gaming facility.

“We are very pleased that the city commission responded to the voices in our community that urged them not to move backwards in time,” said Clay Horton, Green River District Health Department Director.

“We applaud and thank the Owensboro City Commission for their vote to continue to protect the health of Owensboro workers by ensuring this future workplace will be smoke-free indoors.”

Kentucky communities with comprehensive smoke-free laws prohibiting smoking in all indoor workplaces and public places prevent youth from starting to smoke, make it easier for smokers to quit, and lower hospitalizations, saving lives and medical costs and preventing employer losses in productivity. Not only are these laws effective, but they are popular, and 87% of tourists prefer smoke-free entertainment environments.
Congratulations to Owensboro for continuing to protect the health of residents, workers, and visitors.
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