Lung Association Celebrates Lung Cancer Action Week and Turns Connecticut Turquoise

Organization illuminates buildings and landmarks in turquoise, shares stories of those impacted to raise awareness of lung cancer
This week, the American Lung Association is turning Connecticut turquoise to raise awareness of lung cancer and encourage residents to take action to end the disease. It is estimated that 2,750 Connecticut residents will be diagnosed in 2023 alone and every day nationally, lung cancer takes the lives of more than 373 of our friends, neighbors and loved ones.  

Lung Cancer Action Week and the organization’s annual Turquoise Takeover celebration unites America to stand together against lung cancer. Each year, the organization turns the nation turquoise, the signature color of LUNG FORCE. Here in Connecticut the Lung Association is illuminating major landmarks and buildings turquoise, including the Stilts Building, St. Mary’s Hospital and the Beehive Bridge.  

In addition, the Lung Association is preparing for its annual LUNG FORCE Walk Hartford at Great River Park on June 3, 2023

“Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer deaths among both women and men in our state, but there is hope. The five-year survival rate has increased by nearly 40% in the past decade thanks to improved early detection of the disease through lung cancer screening and advancements in research, which have resulted in more than 50 new lung cancer treatments approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2016,” said Daniel Bowler, Executive Director of the Lung Association. “There are actions we can all take to reduce the burden of lung cancer in Connecticut, so we ask you to join us.”
The American Lung Association shares seven actions people can take this week to help in efforts to end lung cancer: 
Since 2014, LUNG FORCE has raised over $26 million for lifesaving lung cancer research. Visit to learn how you can get involved during Lung Cancer Action Week and join the effort to defeat the disease.
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