American Lung Association supports efforts to help Indiana town go smokefree

Small town of Beech Grove pushes to prohibit smoking in enclosed public places

A new push is underway to help Hoosiers in the small town of Beech Grove breathe easier, literally. It’s all part of an effort supporting the passage of a 100% Smoke Free Air (SFA) Ordinance for the city of Beech Grove.

Beech Grove is located within Indianapolis city limits, but when the Marion County policy was first adopted in 2012 it was excluded along with the cities of Speedway, Lawrence, and Southport.

For the last six years, a Beech Grove coalition, named Breathe Easy Beech Grove, has been working to get a stronger SFA policy passed by lawmakers. The measure calls for prohibiting smoking in all enclosed public places within city or county limits, plus in city or county-owned facilities or properties.

The coalition is also launching a new billboard campaign that says ‘70% of Hoosiers support smokefree workplaces’ and they plan to put it up on Emerson Avenue in Beech Grove.

The local council is expected to have its first reading of the Beech Grove SFA July 5th, and the American Lung Association in Indiana strongly urges lawmakers to support it.

“It has been a pleasure getting to know Beech Grove residents and hear about their support for this ordinance. Smoking indoors today is not the social norm and they know that,” said Taylor Williams, Advocacy Specialist, Lung Association, Indiana. “It is time for Beech Grove to lead the charge and pass this ordinance which will likely push other towns and counties to do the same.”

Employees who work in smoke-filled businesses suffer a 25-50% higher risk of heart attack and higher rates of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer and implementing 100% smoke-free environments is the only effective way to protect people from the harmful effects of exposure to secondhand smoke.

If you’d like to interview a Lung Association representative about the Beech Grove proposed smokefree ordinance, please contact Janye Killelea at [email protected] or call (312) 940-7624.

Photo of billboard available for download HERE

For more information, contact:

Janye Killelea
[email protected]

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