Lung Association Announces Indiana Student Winners of Annual Radon Poster Contest

First time in contest history winners are from the same school
The American Lung Association and the Indiana Department of Health are happy to announce the winners of the 2023 Indiana Radon Poster Contest. The contest is held each year to raise awareness of radon gas, the second-leading cause of lung cancer.

Children ages 9-14 were eligible to participate in the poster contest to promote radon awareness.

The 2023 poster winners and their prizes include:
•    1st place – Emily Chen, age 14 – Hamilton Intermediate, Fishers, IN, $200
•    2nd place – Kylie Zheng, age 13 – Hamilton Intermediate, Fishers, IN, $150
•    3rd place – Chloe Jordan, age 13 – Hamilton Intermediate, Fishers, IN, $100

"Radon causes 21,000 lung cancer deaths each year. The only way to know if your home has high levels is to test," said John DeRosa, a Senior Director, at the Lung Association. "It’s amazing to see the children bringing radon awareness to their local communities."

“We truly appreciate the time and energy so many students across the state put in to both their posters and helping their parents and communities recognize the danger radon poses to homes across Indiana," said Paul Krievins, director of the Lead and Healthy Homes Division at the Indiana Department of Health. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends that all homes with radon levels at or equal to 4 picocuries per liter take action and install a radon mitigation system.

The Lung Association and the Indiana Department of Health coordinated the selection of the winners from the 15 Indiana schools that participated in the contest. The Lung Association and the Indiana Department of Health congratulate all the students who participated from across the state.

Radon is a naturally occurring, colorless, odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas formed by the breakdown of uranium in the soil. Radon gas is found in all Indiana counties and may enter a home through cracks and other openings in the home and can build up to dangerous levels. Radon is only detectable by performing a home test. For questions about radon or to test your home, visit or contact the Lung Association at 1-800-272-9723.

For more information on the poster and video contest or an interview with one of the winners, please contact Janye Killelea via email at [email protected] or call (312) 940-7624. your state radon program.
For more information, contact:

Janye Killelea
[email protected]

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