Drag Queen & Attorney Partner as Emcees for Lip Sync for Lungs and to Engage Diverse Community Members

Jessica Thomas and Bruce Nordaby, aka Lacie Browning help raise funds and generate awareness for lung disease and lung cancer research

While neither Jessica Thomas nor Lacie Browning are new to the American Lung Association’s annual Lip Sync for Lungs LIVE Battle, both are over the moon to serve as this year’s emcees. The event presented by AdventHealth, is scheduled for November 10, and will take place at SAK Comedy Club.  

“During the height of the pandemic, I attended a business networking meeting during which Janelle Hom, executive director for the Lung Association, bluntly shared ‘when you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.’  Wow! That statement is so true, and it just hit me,” states Thomas. “We all have lungs, we all breathe, and we all have been impacted by lung disease, COVID 19. So, we all should be able to relate and understand the value of supporting an organization like the Lung Association that funds lung health research that will benefit all of us, regardless of our background.”

“The Lung Association’s Lip Sync for Lungs is one of those events that transforms local professionals like your doctor – someone that you highly regard and puts them in a vulnerable position to perform in front of a live audience, all to help raise funds for something that impacts all of us,” Thomas enthusiastically shares. “Where else can you go on a Thursday night in Orlando and watch someone you truly respect let their hair down and be ridiculously funny? Lip Sync for Lungs is just an incredible event you will not want to miss.”

“Now partner the dynamic personality of Thomas, with the effervescent Lacie Browning, local drag queen extraordinaire, as co-emcees for the Lip Sync for Lungs, and that duo will be certain to electrify the audience,” shares Heather Hurry, Chair of the event and Local Leadership Board member.

Bruce Nordaby, human resources manager by day for 35 years with Walmart, began her drag queen career about 12 years ago, when she chose her name based upon the name of her first pet ‘Lacie’ and the street where she grew up on ‘Browning’, literally. “Lacie is a sophisticated high-class Southerner, with a little bit of trash, shares Browning. “I just love to entertain all different kinds of people and offer that positive bright light, as you never know what kind of day someone is having.”   

“I don’t mind that it takes me nearly three hours to get dressed for an event like Lip Sync for Lungs as I have seen firsthand the daily challenges COPD has had on several family members. It is my hope to generate greater awareness and much needed funds for lung health programs in Orlando and lung disease research, while at the same time help orchestrate a broader audience to support fellow community members in a unique show-stopping environment. I can’t wait to be a part of the action again this year,” beams Browning.

For more information on the 5th annual Lip Sync For Lungs scheduled for November 10 at the SAK Comedy Lab, and tickets please visit LipSyncForLungsOrlando.org.

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