Firefighters to Climb Ohio Skyscraper in 50 Pounds of Gear

Local first responders raise awareness for lung disease at the Fight For Air Climb

On Sunday, February 23, firefighters from all over the region will scale the tallest tower in Ohio carrying 50-75 pounds of gear for the Firefighter Challenge at the Fight For Air Climb at Key Tower.

For the Firefighter Challenge, teams of five or more firefighters will compete for the title of the fastest fire department and top fundraising team. The teams are required to climb in full gear – helmet, mask, boots and air tank – which can add 50-75 pounds of weight as they tackle 58 floors, 1,349 steps of the tallest tower in Ohio.

Area firefighters participate in the Fight For Air Climb for fitness and to bond as a team, but also to honor loved ones they lost to lung cancer and to raise awareness about the risk of lung disease for firefighters.

“In the line of duty, firefighters are regularly exposed to smoke, gasses, chemicals and other substances that can be damaging to their lungs, making them at an increased risk for lung disease,” said Kim Covey, executive director of the Lung Association. “Firefighters are out there saving lives every day, so hopefully the work we do at the American Lung Association can help prevent lung disease and find a cure for lung cancer. We are honored that so many local heroes participate in our event.”

The Fight For Air Climb is open to all first responders, as well as individuals, friends and family teams, and corporate teams. Each year, the event attracts hundreds of Ohio residents who race up the stairs of Key Tower (58 floors, 1,349 steps) in an effort to raise awareness and money to fight lung disease.

To learn more about the Fight For Air Climb at Key Tower, happening on February 23, visit

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