Do Good, Feel Great: Lung Association Invites New York City Residents to Climb Stairs of PENN1 Skyscraper

Fight For Air Climb raises money to support the American Lung Association in New York
Here in New York State, there are more than 2.3  million people living with lung disease, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and others. To help fund the American Lung Association’s work to end lung disease, today, the American Lung Association in New York City announced that it will host the iconic Fight For Air Climb at PENN1, just two weeks away on March 25, 2023. 

This is the 13th year of the Fight For Air Climb in New York City. For the event, participants will climb 1,210 steps up to the top of PENN 1

“Fight For Air Climb events are great for friends, family, companies and first responder teams to climb stairs to support people with lung disease and lung cancer, have fun and get some great exercise. And anyone can climb! This event is designed for every type of climber, from beginners to competitive climbers,” said Erica Masin, Executive Director of the Lung Association in Metro New York. 

Joining the Fight For Air Climb supports the work of the Lung Association to defeat lung cancer, improve the air we breathe, reduce the burden of lung disease on individuals and their families, and eliminate tobacco use and tobacco-related diseases.

“In addition to supporting a crucial cause, stair climbing has significant health benefits like improving balance and coordination and strengthening major muscles,” Masin added.

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