American Lung Association in California Applauds President Biden and the Environmental Protection Agency for Finalizing Strong Methane Safeguards

This week, President Biden and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized an historic rule to cut methane pollution from oil and gas production. This is a significant step toward mitigating harmful pollution and protecting the health of communities close to oil and gas operations and preventing the worst impacts of climate change.

“This new methane rule is a major win for public health, the climate, and communities living near oil and gas operations. Oil and gas operations release harmful pollutants that can cause worsened asthma, heart and lung diseases, and cancer,” said Mariela Ruacho, Senior Manager of Clean Air Advocacy for the American Lung Association in California. “Growing up, I was impacted by emissions and flaring from oil and gas wells, which I could see from my home in Los Angeles. My community and many like it across the United States are long overdue for relief, and this new rule is an important step in the right direction. Now, to make further progress for clean air and public health, EPA must move ahead with finalizing pending car, truck, and power plant rules and approve California’s waivers to implement more health-protective policies.”

The new, stronger standards for methane pollution are an important measure to respond to climate change and air pollution challenges in California. Communities in California continuously rank among the most polluted cities for ozone and short-term particle pollution in the American Lung Association’s annual “State of the Air” report. This rule will help clean up pollution in communities across the U.S. to prevent public health harms associated with emissions from oil and gas production.

Now, EPA must move ahead with final decisions on strengthening National Ambient Air Quality Standards for particle pollution as well as final rules for cleaning up power plants, new passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks.

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