American Lung Association Applauds California Rules to Cut Pollution from Locomotives and Truck Fleets

In-use locomotive, advance clean fleets rules will save thousands of lives.
Today, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) completed a two-day hearing that saw the adoption of final rules to control harmful pollution from both locomotives and medium- and heavy-duty trucks. 
We applaud the board for finalizing and approving the In-Use Locomotive rule and the Advanced Clean Fleets standards to protect public health. These rules will provide life-saving health benefits by reducing the negative health impacts of two of the leading sources of harmful pollution in California. 
Together, these rules will reduce cancer risk, save over five thousand lives, and generate nearly $60 billion in health benefits.

Mariela Ruacho, Clean Air Advocacy Manager for the American Lung Association issued the following statement on the approval of the In-Use Locomotive Standard.

“The locomotive rule is the most important strategy California has to achieve health-protective ozone standards. The rule is vital to the communities living near railyards due to reduced cancer risk from diesel exhaust and other emissions. The American Lung Association’s ‘State of the Air’ 2023 report found that California is home to the most difficult pollution challenges in the nation and that significant disparities remain for people of color. The locomotive operation standards will improve air quality in our most impacted communities and save thousands of lives.”

Will Barrett, National Senior Director of Clean Air Advocacy for the American Lung Association issued the following statement on the approval of the Advanced Clean Fleets standard:

“California’s leadership on cutting trucking pollution will pay major dividends for public health here at home and across the nation. The trucking sector is at the core of why 98 percent of Californians live in communities with unhealthy air quality and why major disparities exist between communities. The rules adopted today have been identified as the two most important strategies to achieve health-protective ozone standards and will address major disparities in freight-related pollution burdens borne by lower-income communities and communities of color.”

The American Lung Association and partner health leaders across the state participated in the rulemaking processes and issued a final letter calling for adoption of the rules during the hearing. CARB’s actions follow the release of the American Lung Association’s 24th annual “State of the Air” report which highlights that California continues to face significant air pollution challenges despite decades of clean air progress.
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