EPA’s Zero-Emission Freight Corridors Strategy is Good News for Health

Today, the Biden administration announced its National Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy, an initiative between the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, Department of Energy, Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency. The initiative will develop a national strategy for medium and heavy-duty freight corridors for electric and hydrogen vehicles. In response, the American Lung Association’s President and CEO Harold Wimmer issued the following statement:

“The new Zero Emission Freight Corridor Initiative will be major boon for public health and health equity. We applaud this plan to ensure that truck routes have the infrastructure in place needed to fully support zero-emission trucks.

“Transitioning to zero-emissions heavy-duty and medium-duty vehicles is a health imperative. The Lung Association’s 2022 report, “Delivering Clean Air,” looked at the health benefits of transitioning to zero-emission trucks and electricity near the nation’s busiest trucking routes. The report found that a transition to zero-emission trucks and electricity would result in $735 billion in cumulative health benefits by 2050, with 67,000 fewer pollution-related deaths, 1.75 million fewer asthma attacks and 8.5 million fewer work days lost. 

“The transition to zero-emission trucks is also critical for improving environmental justice. Low income and communities of color are disproportionately impacted by pollution from heavy-duty vehicles from nearby highways and freight hubs like ports and distribution centers. 

“To fully implement the new Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy and protect health from diesel pollution, the Biden administration must also urgently finalize its cleaner trucks standards. Our recent poll shows that 72% of voters nationwide support EPA setting stricter limits on carbon emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. 

“The transition to zero-emission trucks is one of the most important clean air interventions the nation can take. We applaud the administration for taking this initiative today and urge immediate action to finalize the strongest possible national clean truck standards without delay.”

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