American Lung Association Responds to President Biden Signing the Infrastructure Bill

In response to President Joe Biden signing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, American Lung Association President and CEO Harold Wimmer issued the following statement: 
“The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that the President signed today is big step forward. The legislation includes $2.5 billion in investments to support the purchase of electric school buses in communities across the nation. Breathing in dirty diesel pollution puts health at risk for the millions of kids who ride the bus to school each day. More investments in electric school buses and in electric vehicle charging infrastructure are needed to facilitate the transition to a zero-emission electric transportation future.  

“For Congress to truly invest in a healthier future, it must also act urgently to pass the Build Back Better Act. The Build Back Better Act contains even bigger investments in important lung health priorities, including those that will improve our nation’s air quality and address climate change. The American Lung Association urges the Congress to act without delay and pass the Build Back Better Act.”

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