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Jim M., TX

Hello my name is Jim Mcdonald, I'm 60 and along with my wife we live in Fort Worth, TX. I was diagnosed with UIP on biopsy which related to IPF at the pulmonologist office in 2014. My wife Diana has been by my side and is my biggest supporter since we received this news.

My dad had PF and was diagnosed in the final stages of the disease he had other issues, but losing him to PF was very difficult to witness, we also realized I wasn't that far along and we prayed it being caught early on and new drugs being available that we could slow progression of the fibrosis.

Together we started a new journey in our life many changes were made I continued to work but I changed my lifestyle by exercising, eating better, and making sure to rest when needed. Our diet today is mainly plant based but I still eat meat and cookout moderately. I might have a drink once a month. I've lost 40 lbs since that day and keep it off by staying as active as possible. I joined PF Warriors and PFF on social media and without these groups I would have never all the people just like me who have helped and guided us along the way. I have even attended meetings of the Better Breathers Club and PF Warrior which are local base support groups.

My diagnosis has changed since the original. I sought a second opinion at a Center of Excellence (provided in the PFF website) suggested by members of the support groups. Turns out I have Rheumatoid Lung Disease with Pulmonary Fibrosis. confirmed by all my doctors.

Oddly enough our life has changed for the better during the last four years we have gotten our affairs in order I retired from work to relieve the stress of the day to day. Diana stills works and I am insured through her policy. But most of all we have realized how important time is. We maintain a positive outlook some days a tough but we get through them together. I wish we would have went to a center of excellence in the beginning the doctors there are the best in ILD conditions.

I pray for us all some relief and comfort throughout our days head we have strength in numbers, We are better together and we're all in this together.

First Published: April 13, 2018

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