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Jeanne M.

My brother Vincent Munoz-Plaza was diagnosed with IPF in June 2015, and died one day after my birthday April 5, 2016. His journey was difficult and painful to watch. He degraded so quickly. He was a very active person, expert builder, and artist (carving, drawing). Learning something new was always exciting and we talked often on the phone about what new thing he was learning, whether learning to raise chickens, framing fine art, carving sea life or what book he was reading.

We also shared a love of politics. Our mother had a degree in political science from UC Berkeley and challenged us to read and learn not just about things from our preferred party, but learn what others or opponents are saying and why. We were extremely close and this loss has been extremely difficult to cope with. We talked regularly, we laughed constantly. He was the second son in my family (of three brothers). I am the youngest and only sister in my immediate and extended family. We were inseparable from day one. I think about him everyday, I have a picture on my dresser and I talk with him often. I miss him so much . . . I'm crying as I write this. My hope is more studies are done to rid this horrible, crippling disease from the face of the earth.

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