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James M., TX

Sometime in 2013 I began to cough and wheeze, thinking I had the flu I went to my PCP to get relief. He prescribed meds and I went on. I couldn't shake it though and kept going back until finally, in after noticing nodules on the lungs, I was referred to a pulmonologist.

He performed bronchoscopy first then biopsy which came back as UIP and diagnosis of IPF. It's 2015 now and I have been prescribed Ofev to slow the progression, and sought second opinion at Center of Excellence, done much research and educated myself, joined several support groups, changed my lifestyle, became more active in exercising, changed my eating habits,and reduce my stress. The 2nd opinion showed I had Rheumatoid Lung Disease which was causing the PF in my lungs, I was sent to a Rheumatologist who confirm this diagnosis. All 3 doctors confirmed and are part of the team that works with me today.I was prescribed Rituxan infusions to help improve lung function ( hopefully) by treating the RA. My pulmonary fibrosis has been been stable since 2015, I have lost 10% of lung function but my DLCO has improved. I see the Lung Doctors every 4 months and the Rheumatologist every 6 so they can perform Med checks blood work, pft's. I am blessed with a great caregiver and understanding wife. Who in my opinion has the hardest job of all. I pray that someday there will be help for all that suffer, and mandatory screenings much like Breast Cancer, and Colon Cancer receive

, | Jun 24, 2021