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Ann B., PA

I had viral pneumonia when I was 8 years old, in 1955. I had it for probably 4 months. I got it from my mother who had been hospitalized with it before I was became ill. My physician tried skin patch tests and anything that would diagnose what I had to no avail. I ended up spending 18 days in the hospital where it finally showed up on x-ray. Neither my family nor I thought any more about it. I complained from a teenager that I could not draw a deep breath that felt relieved an air hunger that I felt. I was told through the years that it was "just hayfever."

Fast forward to 2013 I had a large kidney stone which was treated. I am a retired RN. I got the results of two abdominal CT scans, which showed 'Again we see this chronic Interstitional Lung Disease. The pieces then fell into place. All this time I probably had a little scarring from the viral pneumonia and nobody knew it. I went to a pulmonologist who did a chest CT and it showed up. I still had no worsening symptoms until this past winter when it started getting worse.

I am now on oxygen 24/7. I still am active in church, Grange, etc., but it takes longer to do things now. I am very disappointed that we had to cancel our trip to Canada this fall because I cannot walk and keep up with a group. We visited the western half of Canada last fall so I have beautiful memories though. Also, I have to be mindful of being in Canada and I might have a sudden exacerbation and not be able to get to medical help while on the train. But I have had many adventures so I have gratitude for that.

First Published: October 17, 2019

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