Fight Flu Social Media Toolkit

Help the American Lung Association #FightFlu this flu season by using this toolkit to communicate and promote the importance of an annual flu shot on your social media.

Community advocates like yourself are important to raising awareness about flu and the benefits of vaccination. This digital toolkit provides sample social media posts, graphics, hashtags and Lung Association handles to tag. 

Tag the American Lung Association when you post by using the following handles:

  • Facebook: @lungusa 
  • Twitter: @lungassociation 
  • Instagram: @lungassociation

Post 1: 

I got my #flushot today! The (insert the Lung Association platform handle here) recommends everyone 6-months and older get their flu shot to help protect yourself and others this flu season. #FightFlu For more information, visit the Lung Association’s website at

Image: Picture of you showing your flu shot band-aid, or you can use this Canva template

Young man wearing mask shows arm with band-aid after flu shot. #FightFlu text overlay on right side of image.

Post 2:

(Use in September or October)

The best time to get a #flushot is in September or October. I got my flu shot to protect myself, my friends and my family from serious flu illness. Join me and the (insert the Lung Association platform handle here) #FightFlu by getting your flu shot this year! If you have questions, visit

Image: Picture of you showing your flu shot band-aid, or you can use this Canva template

Woman smiles with band-aid on arm. Text says: Protect yourself, your loved ones and your community this flu season, schedule your flu vaccination today.

Post 3:

(Use beginning in November)

I got my #flushot! Did you? If you haven't, it isn’t too late. (Insert the Lung Association platform handle here) says a later vaccination can still be beneficial. Seasonal flu activity usually peaks between December and March. Help #FightFlu and get your flu shot today. For more info visit:

Post 4:

Did you know that you can get a #flushot and COVID-19 vaccine at the same visit to help protect yourself against both viruses? Join me to #FightFlu and COVID-19 this flu season and get up to date on your vaccinations. For more information about preventing flu, visit the (insert the Lung Association platform handle here) website at

Post 5:

Chronic lung disease can put you at increased risk for severe flu complications. The (insert Lung Association platform handle) recommends flu vaccination if you have chronic lung disease as the best way to reduce your risk of severe flu illness. #FightFlu and learn more at

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