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Shannon P., TX

I had two confirmed mild cases of COVID-19 over a six month (6/5/20 and 12/26/21) period. Two weeks after I recovered from the first episode I began having constant shortness of breath, dry cough and chest tightness. I was diagnosed with adult onset asthma by pulmonologist (I had never had asthma). Symptoms briefly went away after five months (November to Christmas) and then reappeared with my second episode of COVID-19.

It has now been six months since my second episode and I still have a constant dry cough, chest tightness and a “raw” feeling in lungs. Bronchoscopy yielded moderate amount of macrophages otherwise lungs/biopsy/lovage normal. CT normal after both episodes. PFT’s normal. No vocal cord dysfunction per laryngoscopy. I had GERD surgery (LINX) to rule out reflux. I’m maxed out on possible medications for asthma. Anyone else experiencing these symptoms after COVID-19?

First Published: June 21, 2021

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