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Sarah M., FL

My husband and two sons and I self tested at home and found out we have COVID-19 eight days ago. Since then, my 5 year old has healed nicely and is back to his wild self, my 17 year old is on the mend and my husband and I are still incredibly sick.

I have asthma so getting this was my worst nightmare. My lungs burn when I breathe, and I've been coughing mucus up most of the time. We are taking D3, C and zinc every day and I can barely eat. I've been making sure we are drinking enough water and Gatorade and taking Tylenol or Advil when we need to.

Most my symptoms have improved, but one of the most concerning is the low blood pressure I've been experiencing from the virus. I never have low BP and with this, I do. I nearly passed out twice due to it.

This is the most severe illness I have ever experienced and I wouldn't wish this on anybody. Praying for miracles for all who are suffering, and I know my family cannot wait to get better. 

First Published: August 23, 2021

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