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Patsy M., CO

My son developed COVID-19 in Texas, as a pharmacist. He spent four months in the hospital and was discharged from his head pharmacy position after three months. He left the hospital with a tracheostomy, and his twin brother flew with him to Henderson, Nevada, where he and his wife could care for him.

Once in Henderson, he is unable to get home care, or any doctors to take on his health problems, and help him recover. He needs physical therapy , and many other services to help him recover. His ENT does not care that is is bleeding from his trach, or that he cannot talk.

My son is losing hope of ever having a normal life. He was diagnosed in November of 2020, and is an invalid to this day. He is a diabetic, so there are lots of problems regulating his insulin. John is 51 years old, and had to leave his three children in Lubbock Texas with his ex-wife. He is physically and mentally dying a slow tortured death. How can we, as a family get help for the medical attention that he must receive? 

First Published: August 10, 2021

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