Kolleen P

Kolleen P., FL

I was young, healthy and working out at gym working everyday. Then I got COVID-induced double pneumonia in July and I had to stay in the hospital for three months.

I just  got let out of hospital one week ago after loosing everything due to my disability and this horrible lung disease. I have been diagnosed with pulmonary fibrois now. I was denied health insurance and no doctor will see me. I feel trapped. 

I hope my story helps others and I’m happy I beat COVID-19! Just trying to beat pulomnary fibrois now ! I’m in wheelchair now and learning how to walk again. Baby steps. Grateful to be alive. Struggling to breathe! I am on oxygen if my oxygen meter reads in the low 70s. The oximeter when sitting reads 90 if I don’t move.

Everyone wants me to be the old person I was and who they used to know. I think people need to educate themselves about lung disease, especially pulmonary fibrosis and how those with the disease need to live and need help. I’m grateful to be alive. I pray others will help and realize being denied health insurance and not being able to see a doctor will only hurt the patient's life span.

First Published: October 19, 2021

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