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Ken T., TN

July 15, for the third time, my wife Deb went to the emergency room complaining about asthma. She was vaccinated for COVID-19, her second shot was March 2021. On July 17th a COVID test was administered and found positive. 

Immediately her breathing worsened. She was rushed to ICU where she was hooked up to a vapotherm machine at 100%. No family or loved ones are allowed to enter. Eighteen days later she was moved to a room having cheated the grim reaper.

Two days later we are at home on oxygen. X-rays and CT scan still indicate ugliness. Will it ever get better...we don't know. Four liters of oxygen 24/7 now is a way of life. Her pulmonologist is searching for a treatment to help lung clutter. We pray for help and all others stricken.

First Published: August 10, 2021

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