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Julio V., CA

About 7 years ago I was diagnosed with asthma. Every time I am exposed to personal use products like hair shampoo, body wash, lotions or cleaners like clothes detergents and the like I start coughing within about 15 minutes.

This is happening more often because people do not feel the smell of chemicals in their cosmetic products and even knowing of my condition, do not take measures to protect me when visiting.

We had visitors from out of the country about three months ago who were wearing some type of perfume that simply filled in my whole house. I have been coughing for three months since then, and am quite more sensitive to chemicals in cosmetics, cleaners, magazines and others now.

I read articles from Spain and other countries who have recognized this condition as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, MCS.

I closed my business a few years ago because I am no longer able to meet with clients personally. Going to a retail store is scary and I am basically confined to my super clean house.

I just hope people become more aware of this condition and something will be done.

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