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Virginia G., MT

After smoking for 55 years, I promised my twin granddaughters I'd quit smoking last year. I quit on my anniversary to honor my late husband.

I kept seeing the ad about the gal climbing the smoking hill. I finally listened to it and decided to get scanned. I made an appointment with one of my doctors and the scan showed a marble sized tumor. A PET scan showed it to be cancer. A few months later the upper lobe of my left lung was removed along with my "marble." My cancer was just beginning, it was a stage 1.

I had cancer, but luckily I do not have any COPD. Six years ago I had Breast Cancer. This year it's Lung Cancer. Wondering what kind of cancer I'll have in 6 years from now. LOL

Do get scanned, it can save your life and it doesn't hurt.

First Published: August 10, 2018

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